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Lam Thinh wooden furniture

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Lam Thinh wooden furniture
Lam Thinh wooden furniture
Viet Nam
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Name:Mrs. le thi quynh sa [Sales]
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Y!: hoangtruongsa_85 Y!: hoangtruongsa_85
Skype: sandy-lamthinhwoodfurniture
Mobile Number:840590988389528
Phone Number:840590688389528
Fax Number:(84-59) 353 2318
AN KHE 54000, Gia Lai-Cong Tum
Viet Nam
wooden furniture
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Registration Date:Mar. 04, 2011
Last Updated:Mar. 04, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Furniture & Furnishings category

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Incepted in the year 2000, we are wood furniture manufacturer in variety of wooden garden furniture items. Our product range includes table, swings, chair, benches, sunglouger and others products. Our factory is located in Gia Lai province, Vietnam. We have FSC certificate. It is available in huge collection of different sizes, designs, colors and surface finish from wooden material ( FSC Eucaplyptus, Acacia, hardwood, balau wood, keruing) .

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